The Conscious-Preneur

Five Supportive Practices for Every Woman_Dr. Bianka Hardin

May 9, 2021

This special edition of In Flow with Soul is dedicated to those of you who have dedicated yourselves to the roles and responsibilities of motherhood. To all of the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters  and special women who have impacted our lives...Thank You!

My guest for this episode is Bianka Hardin, Psy.D. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Centered Therapy Chicago, LLC. Dr. Hardin founded CTC in 2014 with the mission to help children, adolescents, and adults improve their mental health and quality of life. 

This episode is meaningful for all women; mothers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and any woman looking for supportive ways to care for herself, her wellbeing and her loved ones. Dr. Hardin discusses:

  • Simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life
  • How to center in on what you really want
  • Learning to accept supportive relationships and resources that are beneficial to yourself, your family and your business
  • The power of the absolute YES and saying no
  • Your most important investment

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